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Rehearsal Tracks

Here’s an extra piece to practice whilst we’re all stuck at home.

The Prayer
Soprano – Click here to open in YouTube
Alto – Click here to open in YouTube
Tenor – Click here to open in YouTube
Bass – Click here to open in YouTube
Performance – Click here to open in YouTube
Pronunciation guide – Italian pronunciation guide
Piano accompaniment – The Prayer (Piano Part)

A possible addition to our repertoire
All My Trials

Performance (audio) – All My Trials (Virtual Choir)
Soprano 1 – All My Trials SOP 1
Soprano 2 – All My Trials SOP 2
Soprano Solo – All My Trials SOLO
Alto – All My Trials ALTO
Tenor – All My Trials TENOR
Bass 1 – All My Trials BASS 1
Bass 2 – All My Trials BASS 2

This is our music list for our Spring/Summer terms 2020. Where possible, separate parts will be added.

A Thousand Years
A Thousand Years – Soprano + Accompaniment
A Thousand Years – Alto + Accompaniment
A Thousand Years – Tenor + Accompaniment
A Thousand Years – Bass + Accompaniment
Piano accompaniment A Thousand Years – Piano Accompaniment

Arise, Soprano
Arise, Alto
Arise, Tenor
Arise, Bass

Bridge Over Troubled Water
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Soprano
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Alto
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Tenor
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Bass

Calon Lân
Calon Lân, Soprano
Calon Lân, Alto
Calon Lân, Tenor
Calon Lân, Bass
Calon Lan, Performance Track
Calon Lan, Pronunciation Guide

Eli Jenkins – Evening Prayer
Eli Jenkins, Soprano
Eli Jenkins, Alto
Eli Jenkins, Tenor
Eli Jenkins, Bass
Eli Jenkins Evening Prayer, Performance Track

Gwahoddiad – Soprano + Accompaniment
Gwahoddiad – Alto + Accompaniment
Gwahoddiad – Tenor + Accompaniment
Gwahoddiad – Bass + Accompaniment
Gwahoddiad, Performance Track
Gwahoddiad, Pronunciation Guide
Piano accompaniment Gwahoddiad (Accompaniment)

Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Soprano
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Alto
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Tenor
Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, Bass

Irish Blessing
Irish Blessing, Soprano
Irish Blessing, Alto
Irish Blessing, Tenor
Irish Blessing, Bass

Let There Be Music
Let There Be Music, Soprano
Let There Be Music, Alto
Let There Be Music, Tenor
Let There Be Music, Bass

Lord of the Dance
Lord of the Dance, Soprano
Lord of the Dance, Alto
Lord of the Dance, Tenor
Lord of the Dance, Bass

Memory, Soprano
Memory, Alto
Memory, Tenor
Memory, Bass

My Lord Has Come
My Lord Has Come, Soprano
My Lord Has Come, Alto
My Lord Has Come, Tenor
My Lord Has Come, Bass

Skyfall, Soprano
Skyfall, Alto
Skyfall, Tenor
Skyfall, Bass

Softly As I Leave You
Softly As I Leave You, Soprano
Softly As I Leave You, Alto
Softly As I Leave You, Tenor
Softly As I Leave You, Bass

Sway, Soprano
Sway, Alto
Sway, Tenor
Sway, Bass

Tears In Heaven
Tears In Heaven, Soprano
Tears In Heaven, Alto
Tears In Heaven, Baritone 

The Lord Is My Shepherd
The Lord Is My Shepherd, Soprano
The Lord Is My Shepherd, Alto
The Lord Is My Shepherd, Tenor
The Lord Is My Shepherd, Bass

Tra Bo Dau
Tra Bo Dau, Soprano
Tra Bo Dau, Alto
Tra Bo Dau, Tenor
Tra Bo Dau, Bass
Tra Bo Dau, Pronunciation Guide

You’ll Never Walk Alone
You’ll Never Walk Alone – Soprano + Accompaniment
You’ll Never Walk Alone – Alto + Accompaniment
You’ll Never Walk Alone – Tenor and Bass + Accompaniment
Piano accompaniment You’ll Never Walk Alone (Accompaniment)


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