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City of the Unexpected

This page and audio download links were updated on 21/07/2016.
All sheet music and audio recordings for this event are accessible from this page. There are some additional notes to consider at the foot of this page.
*** Please bring your own printed copy of the “VOCAL” version of each song to rehearsals (all asterisked items below).  ***

FULL Be Fantastic Mr. Fox (sheet music pdf)
VOCAL Be Fantastic Mr. Fox (sheet music pdf)*

 FULL Love Medley (sheet music pdf)
VOCAL Love Medley (sheet music pdf)*

 FULL Thank you, Cardiff (sheet music)
VOCAL Thank you, Cardiff (sheet music)*

 FULL Welsh Medley (sheet music pdf)
VOCAL Welsh Medley (sheet music pdf)*

Notes on the music (this is from the event organiser):

• For any harmony, please divide singers as appropriate.
• It’s set out quite clearly in the Medleys, but for the New Songs we would
recommend that when it divides into 2 parts, the Sopranos and Tenors take the
top line and the Altos and Basses take the bottom line.
• There is no pressure to do the harmonies. The melody is absolutely fine or just
some harmony lines and not others if the groups would prefer this.
• There’s a lot of repetition in the texts, so what might look like a lot of words is
often just the same thing repeated!
• in the Welsh medley, the start of the final section says ‘All or smaller group’.
Basically, this but is optional (it’s quite tricky Welsh so might be off-putting for
many!). Absolutely fine to leave this out and come back in for the following
• In the new songs, it should be pretty clear who sings what in the songs.
Obviously, the sections marked ‘James’, ‘Only Kids Aloud’, ‘Kids Chorus’ etc we
don’t need to worry about, just where it says ‘Massed Choir’.