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Rehearsal Tracks

Rehearsal Tracks for Christmas 2017

The Yearning, Soprano
The Yearning, Alto
The Yearning, Tenor
The Yearning, Bass

The Time for Turning, Soprano
The Time for Turning, Alto
The Time for Turning, Baritone

Christmas Chopsticks, Soprano
Christmas Chopsticks, Alto
Christmas Chopsticks, Baritone

The Infant King – Soprano
The Infant King – Alto
The Infant King – Tenor
The Infant King – Bass

I Wonder as I Wander, Soprano
I Wonder as I Wander, Alto
I Wonder as I Wander, Tenor
I Wonder as I Wander, Bass

Rehearsal tracks below were converted from Royal Free Music Society’s MIDI files to MP3 format by our own Jerry Yarham so that they can be played back on any device without having to install an app. These will be replaced by ones recorded by Phil as and when he can spare some time. 

Nativity Carol

Nativity Carol – Soprano
Nativity Carol – Alto
Nativity Carol – Tenor
Nativity Carol – Bass

Star Carol

Star Carol – Soprano
Star Carol – Alto
Star Carol – Tenor
Star Carol – Bass

Still, Still, Still

Still, Still, Still – Soprano
Still, Still, Still – Alto
Still, Still, Still – Tenor
Still, Still, Still – Bass

German Pronunciation: Still Still Still pronunciation

A Swingin’ Christmas (publisher’s website link)

Shakin’ up Christmas Eve (recorded from publisher’s website)
Shakin’ up Christmas Eve

Baby it’s cold outside (GCC recording from Christmas 2013?)
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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